My photography story

I have always been a very artistic girl. When I was little painting and drawing was my absolute favorite thing to do. When I was in 5th grade I started to realize my love for photography. My parents gave me an old film camera that was just laying around our house; I immediately began shooting anything and everything. Then realizing how expensive it was to keep up with developing all the photos I was shooting; that following Christmas I got my first DSLR camera! SO exciting but I barely knew how to work it! I mean I was only in 5th grade!! I decided that I was going to learn no matter what because something about it just seemed right, like it was a match made in heaven! This is my story.


Skipping ahead to 6th grade year; I FINALLY got the confidence to start photographing people! Which was a huge step for me! Everyone could see my work that I had done with nature and wildlife, but never people. Later that year I got my first PAID gig! It was so crazy to me that I was finally making money (even with how little it was... I put that money aside to save for a new lens. Not knowing anything about types of lenses, I just knew that was what I wanted to save for!) At this point I was shooting almost everyday. Or at least everyday that I possibly could. I would watch YouTube tutorials on everything camera, I even started going to our small town camera club! Basically from there I would just take what I learned and would just GO with it. When I got into high school I was lucky enough to find a mentor. For anyone getting into photography I STRONGLY recommend finding a mentor. The things you can learn from another photographer is truly amazing! "Community over competition" is great when artists come together and share! 


After I finished high school I decided I wanted to get a degree in what I love. I started a community college; only lasting one semester there because I decided my life needed something different. Shortly after pulling myself out of school I packed my bags and left for Nashville!! (YAY. Best decision I have made!!) So many amazing things have happened since I made that change; I moved into my own apartment, I found my future husband (GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!), I figured out what I wanted to do with my business (for now at least...), and I found my dream school. It is crazy to me that here soon I will be finishing up my degree in photography. The amount that I have learned and the people that I have met while in school is incredible. I will forever be thankful for it. There has been a lot of up and downs in my business, but I'm so blessed at where it has taken me and where it will take me in the future. 

OLD MATERIAL (6th Grade):


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