Hello, my name is Kaylee! I'm a huge supporter of loving the small and simple things in life. I truly believe there is beauty in everything if you look hard enough for it! I also believe that the power of a hug or a simple smile can go a long way. Pass one along you could make someone's day!


I'm based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but don't let distance keep us apart!! I love meeting new people, traveling to wonderful places, and capturing beautiful moments. My passion for photography began in 5th grade when I was given my first camera. I went around town and took pictures of anything and everything. Photography is a way for me to help people cherish memories; being a part of those experiences puts a huge smile on my face! Throughout the years I have realized that I don't only have a love for photography, but I have a huge heart for people. This job has led me to SO many amazing clients. I'm incredibly blessed with what God has been doing in my life and my business.