Fairhope, Alabama

Usually when I go home to visit my mom and dad I head up North to Illinois, full of cornfields and flat land. For awhile my parents have been talking about their dream was to live by the water and warm weather year round; Well they finally did it! It is weird to think that going home for the holidays I won't be going to the snow... I GET TO GO TO THE BEACH. Lets just say I'm a little excited! I'm not the biggest fan of hot weather, but it will be very nice in the month of December!! 

This past week me and my fiancé jumped in my car and left for sweet home Alabama! We did so much in just a few days; from the beach to the French Quarters it was an all around blast! It was absolutely beautiful there! I still can't believe my family lives in such a wonderful area; for anyone who hasn't seen this little town it is defiantly a must! Sunsets on the beach, fishing, food (LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD). What could be better than that? 

Kaylee Owen