Exploring Chattanooga

Sometimes you need to wake up and go on a spontaneous road-trip with one of your best friends. From slow drivers in Georgia all the way to freaking out because I lost my phone (when it was just in my car). Today was one big adventure full of exploring an unknown city and filling up on ice cream in this chilly weather. 


Today I woke up and realized I had the day off. I didn't want to just sit around and do nothing, I felt the need to go somewhere.  So I called my friend Marcus, jumped in my car and left! Of course making a pit stop to buy a winter coat because it was COLD; I don't know if it is just me starting to get used to the south or what, but not even being from Illinois helped me today! 


When I parked the car we both decided that we wanted to eat some lunch, so we walked in circles till finding something we both have never ate before. We ended up at a tiny Mexican restaurant (which was some of the best Mexican food I have had in awhile!!!) The rest of the day was also pretty eventful; getting lost but then shortly finding our way, meeting a billionaire, getting free coffee, and hiking a mountain to watch the sunset. This day will forever be one of my favorite days. Who knows where I will head next... all I know is I'm so excited for it! There is lots to explore in this big world!


*Blog post from Dec.

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